Tuning box or engine reprogramming?
Which engine modification is the most efficient?
Which engine modification is the least restrictive?

Several options are available to increase engine power. Indeed, diesel engines are equipped with an engine controller handling the management of several parameters and injection data from different sensors present on and around the engine. The engine controller can be optimized either in transparency by adding a tuning box or in a less transparent way by reprogramming the original program in the engine controller or by replacing the engine chip which is soldered to the motor controller circuit.
More details on the different ways to increase engine power
A motor equipped with electronic management is controlled by a computer that plays the role of the brains of your injection system. The engine control unit functions by means of the various motor sensors which allow, for example, the measurement of air temperature, fuel temperature,
atmospheric pressure or turbo pressure or diesel fuel pressure in the common rail. The engine controller can be reprogrammed in two ways. There is a choice between physical exchange of the engine chip which is soldered into the engine controller or the complete modification of the original software that is present in the controller. Being the "brain" of the engine injection system,
modifying the computer completely innovates the engine's injection system to make it more performing and powerful.
With regard to the addition of a tuning box, the operating method is as follows: the original controller collects and returns data to the engine injection system. The tuning box is installed
between the engine injection system and the engine controller. It returns new information that changes engine performance. Not all of the tuning boxes sold on the market are necessarily of good quality and have very different prices. The choice is made according to the objectives of the user. It will also be necessary to differentiate between a real tuning box and an electric one which simply regulates the electrical current generated by the alternator. The alternator pushes less and therefore
brakes the engine less. (This type of box only connects to the vehicle's 12V battery).

The advantages of engine reprogramming / Chiptuning :

The reprogramming of the engine also makes the engine more efficient. Indeed, the operation of the engine is modified to give an optimum power but often by removing the safety devices and the original limits of the engine and generally exceeding the mechanical tolerances set up by the automobile manufacturer. To achieve your goals, you will have to make sure that the company performing the engine reprogramming has formidable knowledge in mechanics and also in computer science combined with true quality reprogramming equipment. Among other things, engine reprogramming can also reduce fuel consumption. It should be noted that during an engine reprogramming, all the original data of the manufacturer is modified and then re-injected into the engine controller. The change is therefore definitive. So, if the right data has been loaded, the reprogrammed engine can also reduce average fuel consumption.
The same result can be achieved with the addition of a tuning box. Here however, the implementation process is easier to do and without delay, the installation can be done without any knowledge in mechanics, soldering or computer science. In addition, it is not necessary to reprogram the engine controller after removal of the tuning box, for example for the resale of the vehicle. Indeed, the simple removal of the tuning box returns the vehicle to its original configuration. Comparison of tuning box and engine reprogramming Compared to engine reprogramming, the tuning box is the most advantageous system. Indeed, in view of the revisions of the vehicle, the tuning box leaves no trace of use in the injection system and the engine controller. As for the engine reprogramming, it will often be visible via the diagnostic case, which could lead to the loss of the manufacturer's warranty and the return of the engine controller to its original state would need to be performed by the official dealer in charge of the maintenance. In any case, the different systems to increase torque and power are prohibited in some countries.


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